Republican Herschel Walker has taken a two-point lead over Raphael Warnock in Georgia’s US Senate race, according to a poll published by the Trafalgar Group.  The poll, conducted from October 21 to October 23, had Walker at 49 percent and Warnock at 47 percent. Herschel Walker recently told Breitbart News that he believes the recent negative reports lit a fire in himself and his campaign. “I think they really gave momentum to myself. They gave momentum to the campaign. I think people are now starting to become aware that the lies that Sen. Warnock and the media’s telling, they know it’s not true” he said.

Walker recorded record fundraising numbers in the month of October and stole the show during the the only debate of the race. Additionally, Warnock has had to fight against his own share of negative stories during the past few weeks. A report by the Washington Free Beacon on revealed Warnock’s church had evicted several low-income tenants in the past two years amid Warnock advocating for an eviction moratorium in Congress.

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