MSNBC’s Joy Reid and The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill are saying that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ popularity among Hispanics is related to racism. On Friday, NBC reported DeSantis’ popularity was so high that he may become the first Republican governor to win Miami-Dade County since Jeb Bush in 2002. Although this report emphasized DeSantis “outperforming” with Latino voters, Reid and Hill instead insisted that this shift in politics was due to racism.

Jemele Hill responded to the report by saying it was proof that Hispanics’ “proximity to whiteness” was contributing to their support of racism. Her full tweet can be seen below:


Joy Reid had her own response the NBC report, saying:

“This wouldn’t surprise me at all. The Proud Boys have all but merged with the Miami-Dade Republican Party. Sociopolitically, Florida is basically morphing into Brazil,”

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