House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is moving to lockdown his spot as Speaker of the House when Republicans eventually win back the majority but there is another long-shot bid at play. According to reports, the House Freedom Caucus is prepared to vote against McCarthy and offer up their own nominees. Several allies were seen meeting with McCarthy on Wednesday as they planned for him to take on his new role. McCarthy sent a letter to the conference officially declaring his bid for the speakership and asking members for their support.

According to CNN:

A source familiar with the House Freedom Caucus’ deliberations told CNN on Wednesday morning that there are around two dozen current and incoming members who are willing to vote against McCarthy if he doesn’t offer them concessions. They are actively discussing putting up a nominal challenger to face McCarthy in next week’s leadership elections in an effort to force the GOP leader to give them more influence in how the House operates, the source said

On Wednesday, McCarthy was seen meeting with Marjorie Taylor Greene who’s place within the House is a mystery and many wonder if she is an ally of McCarthy’s bid or if she is siding with the Freedom Caucus. Greene has pushed for a spot on the powerful House Oversight Committee in a GOP majority so she could be negotiating with McCarthy for her vote.

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