One day after Attorney General Merrick Garland revealed he personally signed off on the search warrant to raid former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, Representative Greene of Georgia introduced articles of impeachment in the House.

According to the Western Journal:

Greene’s impeachment resolution accuses Garland of “endangering, compromising, and undermining the justice system of the United States” by aiding in the “persecution” of former President Donald Trump.

The impeachment articles come one day after Garland revealed that he personally signed off on a search warrant application targeting Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

On Monday, FBI agents seized various documents in Trump’s possession following a dispute between the former president and the National Archives over their proper custody.

Cabinet officials can be impeached using the same process the Constitution outlines for the president, with one difference.

The vice president presides over Senate impeachment trials of civil officers like Garland, whereas the chief justice of the Supreme Court presides over impeachment trials of presidents.

Conviction in a Senate impeachment trial and removal from office requires 67 votes, a high standard.

However, the House can impeach a Cabinet official with a simple majority vote.

Read more at the Western Journal.

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