Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney has ditched Republicans and left many confused after she endorsed Democratic Senate candidate Tim Ryan and praised Nancy Pelosi in a recent interview. Earlier this week, Cheney was also on the campaign trail for Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin, whom she endorsed. Her endorsement of Tim Ryan is of significant consequence due to his race being a toss up and one that could decide the fate of the Senate. Here is Cheney’s endorsement of Tim Ryan:

But the congresswoman didn’t stop there, and went on to heap praise on Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. “I want to say a word about Speaker Pelosi. Everyone knows she is a liberal from San Francisco. I am a conservative from Wyoming. There are many, many issues, maybe most issues, on which we disagree. But I think that she is a tremendous leader. I’ve watched her up close. She is a leader of historic consequence,” said Cheney.

Cheney is obviously looking to cozy up to the left ahead of her fight against Donald Trump reclaiming the presidency in 2024. She was willing to give up her political career in order to bring Trump down and now Cheney will look to pull independents and moderate conservatives over to her side.



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