Liberals are burning with rage over new video of the Christmas gift South Dakota Governor

Kristi Noam got from staffers…

…an actual flamethrower.

“Scoop: Gov. @KristiNoem now owns her own flamethrower, a Christmas gift from her staff,”

RealClearNews White House reporter Philip Melanchthon Wegmann posted to Twitter.


In the video Noam laughs as she shoots a rope of roaring liquid flame onto a pile of cardboard
boxes, creating a small bonfire.

“Perfect!,” she says, throwing an arm into the air in celebration.

“Two years ago, @KristiNoem fired off a flamethrower, joking is it ‘too late to add something to
my Christmas list? Her staff pulled together and bought her one this year,” Wegmann added.


While most reponses were supportive and even jealous of Noam’s new you, the warm-hearted
roast sent some liberals into a fiery rage.

“What American citizen needs a flamethrower? Not unless you are a firefighter creating a flame
break in a forest fire,” wailed @bkayetwit.


“As long as no one is injured I hope she burns her house down with it,” whined @gordon0412.


“Let me know when she fires it up and points it at her own face, thanks.


“Not too environmentally sound, doesn’t she recycle her cardboard boxes ? And she needed a
flamethrower to set the boxes on fire? These Republicans are all whack jobs,” sobbed


“How classy. Does she have any idea how these were used in WWII,” cried @JanMitc69777699

“This is horrifying. What next, a tank? Grenade launcher? Tactical nuke?”


That’s not a bad idea.

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