Kari Lake knows how to preform in the spot light. The longtime TV anchor has outmaneuvered the press and consistently made headlines on her way to becoming a slight favorite in the Arizona governor race. Lake’s polished and confident communication skills will make her an appealing choice for a VP pick if she is a able to win this November and Trump becomes the presidential nominee. Other aspects of Lake that would check boxes for Trump include her continued stance that the 2020 election was stolen, position as governor in a swing state, and a well known name that draw big crowds.

Lake’s strong presence in front of the camera was on full display Tuesday night while taking questions from hostile reporters:


Trump will do his best to build off his own brand with his next VP pick if wins the nomination. This means choosing someone who has won a major election while campaigning as pro-Trump, and Lake fits that bill. The former president may be unlikely to reward Republicans who have been lukewarm to him in their past campaigns, like Virginia governor Glen Youngkin.


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