Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R) said former President Donald Trump should avoid declaring his probable bid for the White House until after midterm elections take place this year in November.

According to The Hill:

Huckabee told Fox News “Media Buzz” anchor Howard Kurtz that Trump had not asked him for advice on 2024, but he said an announcement before November would cause Republicans to “lose momentum” heading into the midterms.

“The disaster is that suddenly all these candidates who have spent the last year and a half running are not going to be talking about the issues that they’re running on,” Huckabee said. 

“They’re going to be talking whether they support or don’t support Donald Trump getting into the race for president, so it’s just a distraction that we don’t need,” he added. “We need to win as Republicans in the midterms.”

Huckabee’s argument echoes many other GOP figures, who have been wary of an early 2024 presidential bid by Trump, worried it could help motivate the anti-Trump vote and distract from Republican attacks against Democrats on issues like inflation and crime.

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