Tuesday morning, just as the House was getting ready to vote for a Speaker, Rep. Dan Bishop, Republican-North Carolina mentioned that if lawmakers didn’t see the change they wanted – which many don’t trust McCarthy to deliver – he was “out.” However, Bishop has now walked back that statement saying that it “was not a threat to resign if McCarthy ultimately wins the speakership.” His statement to Roll Call was “we’re going to either see improvement up here the same way we made remarkable improvements in North Carolina in the state legislature, or I’m out.” Very clearly leaving many to assume he meant he would resign though a couple of days later – on Thursday he retweeted a Fox article about his claims stating that the story was incorrect.

He also discussed with Roll Call that he was older than some and wasn’t planning to stay in Congress for decades. His communications director, Allie McCandless said “he has been consistently clear that he will be fighting for change in Washington and will continue to serve his constituents in North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District.”

Though as of now none of the elected House members will be serving anyone until a speaker is selected. Kevin McCarthy, R-Cali., is the more popular Republican candidate for the speakership though in the past three days and through eleven votes McCarthy has yet to receive the necessary 218 votes to succeed as Speaker and swear the members in to ultimately start legislating. While McCarthy can only have four Republican votes against him in order to succeed 20 House members of the Freedom Caucus have consistently voted against him blocking his attempts of taking the speakership. There are five dead-set no’s against McCarthy and until one of those five breaks – or Democrat members started voting present – the speaker voting will continue.

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