John Fetterman’s campaign for Senate raised $22 million in the 2nd quarter which they are calling “the largest quarter haul for any Senate candidate in Pennsylvania history.” The campaign says the money has come from over 330,000 donors and 595,000 individual donations. This is by far the best fundraising quarter for Fetterman, and doubles their numbers from the previous quarter. It takes the Fetterman campaign fundraising total to $48 million.

Fetterman released a statement which read, “The right wing continues to throw everything it has at us, and we’re not just still standing, we’re still winning.” He went on to fire shots at GOP adversary, Mehmet Oz, writing, “We don’t have millions and millions of dollars to self-fund our campaign, this movement is powered by all of you. Mitch McConnell and Dr. Oz will continue to dump millions of dollars in ads on us, so we need the resources to fight back. That’s what our small-dollar donors have done for us, and we need to continue to keep it up if we want to flip this seat blue.”

Fetterman’s campaign manager also came out to attack Oz’s fundraising effort, “The people of Pennsylvania have John’s back and that’s something even Dr. Oz’s millions could never buy.” No doubt, attacks will continue to focus on Oz pouring his own money into his campaign, but the race has tightened in recent weeks. Once seen as “lean democrat”, the polling has now forced the prediction of the Pennsylvania Senate race to be listed as a toss up. As election day has drawn closer, Oz has done a good job of painting Fetterman as a radical and focusing on his health problems.

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