Even the Democrats can’t stand Biden. As the first state dinner that the President has hosted since taking office arrives, U.S. Democrat Representative Jared Golden is pushing against Biden’s meal choices for the event. Biden plans to serve French President Emmanuel Macron, his wife, and other guests around 200 Maine lobster over events on Wednesday and Thursday. Golden took to Twitter to urge Biden to meet with the lobsterman he is putting out of business with administrative regulations.

Golden’s tweet is his most recent attempt to reach Biden and to get him to uphold promises he had made to Maine’s lobster industry amid disputes with whale conservationists. According to Fox News, Golden said “ In 2020, while running for president, Biden pledged ‘I will work to protect the livelihood and safety of the fishing community’ in reference to lobstermen. [Though] he has yet to take a single action to make good on that pledge.” He further said that he hopes the President will speak to the whale conservationists, the Main lobster, and fishing injuries to figure out what is right and fair for both parties.

Concerns have spiked within the Maine lobster industry in recent months as there have been issues with whales catching in the nets used to capture lobsters and fish. Whole Foods announced that it would stop carrying Maine lobster in about 340 of its stores. With a good amount of the lobstering industry pausing or slowing down their fishing efforts, the industry will begin to wither away. Though Biden doesn’t seem to mind going out and buying 200 lobsters from an industry he has left out to dry.

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