Former Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife is alleged to have retained the personal information of patients from the women’s health practice where she previously worked and then used the data to inappropriately contact them after her departure.

Dr. Sharon D. Malone retained the patient files from those who received care from Foxhall OB/GYN Associates, where she was both an owner and an employee, according to a letter provided to the Washington Examiner.

The information she retained reportedly contained patient names, contact information, and insurance information, but not financial or medical information.

She then provided their personal information to her new for-profit telehealth startup, Allow, which used the HIPPA-protected data to send unsolicited emails to Foxhall’s patients.

“We at Foxhall were not aware that Dr. Malone had retained the list, that she had turned over the list to Alloy, or that Alloy had sent emails to some of the patients on the list, until we received complaints from patients,” read a letter issued on behalf of the practice.

Ironically, six days after Foxhall sent the letter to its patients, Malone warned in a tweet that women needed to be more protective of their medical information in light of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe.

The Foxhall patient who provided the letter to the Washington Examiner called Malone’s tweet “pricelessly hypocritical.”

It is not yet clear if Foxhall will pursue legal action against Malone or Alloy for the breach.

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