Election Watch : Ohio Senate Race

The latest polls show that Republican J.D. Vance is headed for a blowout victory. In two of the most recent surveys, including one from the Democratic firm Data for Progress, Vance led Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan by 10 points. Vance has created a strong connection with former President Trump which has boded well for him in the MAGA-centered state of Ohio.

According to CPAC: “Of the 87 Counties in Ohio, Franklin (Columbus), Cuyahoga (Cleveland), and Hamilton (Cincinnati) make up 29.6% of the vote. If JD Vance @teamjdvance picks up more than 35% of the votes in these counties he will be on the path to victory.”

Election Watch: Nevada

Adam Laxalt received some very good news during the final days of a very tight Senate race in Nevada. A Cortez Masto victory would now mean overperforming her poll numbers but lately that has been shown to be possible. Laxalt has maintained about a 2 point edge throughout the race but in the last week his lead shot up to as high as 6 points in some polls.

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