Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will campaign in various states across the country this month on behalf of several of former President Donald Trump’s endorsed candidates. The rallies are billed as an effort to “unite” the GOP ahead of midterms.

Fox News reported Monday that DeSantis will stop in Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio and Pennsylvania to speak at rallies hosted by Turning Points Action.

Some of the candidates he’ll support include Ohio Republican candidate for Senate JD Vance, Pennsylvania’s GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, Arizona Republican candidate for Senate Blake Masters and GOP nominee for governor Kari Lake.

“Gov. DeSantis is America’s governor and one of the most popular leaders in America,” said Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point Action. “He has become the model for a new conservative movement that is willing to stand on principle and to actually fight on behalf of the values of his voters.”

Next week, DeSantis will make his way to Roswell, New Mexico to rally for Rep. Yvette Herrell, who is running for the state’s 2nd congressional district, and Mark Ronchetti, the state’s GOP gubernatorial nominee.

He’ll then visit Phoenix, Arizona to rally for Kari Lake and Blake Masters.

“What Gov. DeSantis has done in Florida has been the gold standard of bold conservative governance in America,” Lake, who won her primary last week, told Fox News. “I’m excited to work with him when I’m governor, I’m honored to call him an ally and I can’t wait for him to join me in taking the message and vision of our ‘America First’ campaign out to the masses.” 

Later in the week, he’ll travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to support Pennsylvania governor nominee Doug Mastriano before holding a same-day rally in Youngstown, Ohio for JD Vance.

Trump has not yet commented on DeSantis’ planned showing of support for his endorsed candidates.

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