Despite narrowly losing her race for Governor in Arizona, Kari Lake may be able to beat both Ruban Gallego and Krysten Sinema in 2024. Lake lost the gubernatorial election by a razor-thin margin of just 17,000 votes, less than 1%, against Gov. Katie Hobbs. According to a survey released by Blueprint Polling on January 11, the currently up-in-the-air scenario of Kari Lake choosing to run for Senate looks like it could actually shake out in her favor.

According to a new poll by Blueprint Polling, Lake has the lead against Gallego and Sinema. If things remain the same, and if Lake decides to run she may have a good chance of taking the seat. After Sinema announced she would be leaving the Democratic party, her popular dropped and left the opening for Lake to hop in. Though Lake would need to move pass the oddity that was the 2022 election and the Governorship that was stolen from her, in order to run and succeed to the senate seat.

While we still have to wait on official word from Kari Lake on whether or not she’d choose to run for Senate, the early numbers show that Sinema, who left the Democratic party, has dropped like a rock in favorability. However, Sinema’s 14% needs to get divided between Lake and Gallego, if that’s who ends up running in 2024. While it’s possible that Lake may have another neck-in-neck race around the corner, everything for this potential Senate race is still up in the air, as Lake won’t make any decision about a potential 2024 Senate run until her court case for alleged flaws in the outcome of Lake’s 2022 Governor election outcome against Katie Hobbs is completed.

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