Will McConnell be in or out? Who’s the next NRSC Chair? How will the elected leadership shape the GOP? The midterms were a mess. Will mistakes be repeated or rectified?

Senate leadership elections just ended, and the results are in.

Mitch McConnell was reelected as Senate GOP leader beating out Senator Rick Scott. McConnell won the election 37-10-1, with one Senator voting “present,” none of the individual votes are available, as the votes are historically done in secrecy. Rick Scott was his first challenger in 15 years. As a result of winning this Senate leader election, is on pace to be the longest-serving Senate party leader in U.S. Senate history. McConnell is now on his 15th year of serving as the Republican leader in the Senate.

Steve Daines has been elected as incoming as the NRSC Chair. Jason Thielman will be the incoming Executive Director of the NRSC.

The Democrats still hold a 51-49 majority in the Senate, though the GOP is hoping that Senate candidate (R) Herschel Walker will win in his run-off election against Senate candidate (D) Raphael Warnock in December. The vote to elect McConnell as the parties leader was controversial, as Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and multiple other standouts in the Republican party attempted to delay the vote until after December 6th, when Georgia’s Senate run-off election is set to take place.

The leaders shared during a post-announcement conference that many issues will be addressed by the GOP leadership group and they are ready to step into their roles and get started.

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