Democrat Adam Frisch has conceded to Lauren Boebert in the race for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district. Frisch stated that the recount would not change the results of the election, according to The Hill. “The likelihood of this recount changing more than a handful of votes is very small. Very, very small. It’d be disingenuous and unethical for us or any other group to continue to raise false hope and encourage fundraising for a recount,” he said.

He continued, “Colorado elections are safe, accurate, and secure. Please save your money for your groceries, your rent, your children, and for other important causes and organizations. I just got off the phone with Rep. Boebert. I called her to formally concede this election.”

Boebert tweeted that she had received Frisch’s concession call in a post on twitter:

“I look forward to getting past election season and focusing on conservative governance in the House majority. Time to get to work!”

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