Following blowout victories in Florida and midterm losses for Trump-supported candidates, plans for a Super PAC supporting a Ron DeSantis presidential run are back on and expected to launch before Thanksgiving. GOP strategist John Thomas is planned to lead the super PAC called Ron to the Rescue. DeSantis won Florida by a historic, nearly 20-point margin that Thomas called “the perfect cascading of events politically for the governor.” Thomas also told Business Insider that the new super PAC is ready to go “full throttle with seven-figure gifts.”

Here are the rest of the comments Thomas recently shared with Business Insider:

“Not only are my original donors thrilled and jazzed to start cutting checks, but I’ve received some calls from very large law-enforcement unions that are going to throw in six figures to start, and lend me their name and credibility in the ads.There are public safety leaders that are longing for DeSantis’ leadership on crime and immigration. Some very large police groups.”

“This feels to me very much like 2008 where DeSantis is Obama and then Trump is Hillary. The electorate was ready for a bright, fresh new face that can transform American politics and most importantly: win.”

“I think they’re going to be some eyebrow raises of people you thought that were always pro-Trump — and still are — but that are going to stand behind DeSantis early on,”

“If he waits and allows Trump to lock up the donors, the political operatives, the consensus thought, I think he’s going to miss his moment and opportunity to race into the field as the fresh face of the Republican Party who’s most viable to take back power across the board and create a tsunami for the rest of the country, not just Florida,”


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