Joe Biden addressed the nation in prime time on Wednesday night, only to spout the same divisive and partisan message ahead of midterms. The president warned that Republicans are a threat to democracy and incite political violence across the country. He also focused on January 6th, an event from two years ago that has little to no affect on American lives today. But one of Biden’s most concerning comments came when he said that, “In some cases we won’t know the winner of the election for a few days, until after a few days after the election.” “That’s how this is supposed to work,” he added.


Biden blamed the delayed count on “more and more votes cast by early voting and through mail.” He stated that in many states they can not start counting the early, mail-in votes until the day of the election. In states like Nevada, mail-in ballots are sent to people who don’t even request them.

This country is called the United States, not the ‘Divided’ States, yet Biden continues to make half of the country out to be evil insurrectionists. He claims to warn against political violence but it’s speeches like these which radicalize people and pit Americans against each other. The president of the United States should lead with integrity but Biden opted for the cheap route by inciting divisiveness and demonizing his political opponents.


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