On Tuesday, in a conversation with CNN’s Jake Tapper, President Biden said that his son, Hunter, is “on the straight and narrow.” Biden also said that he is “proud” of his son amid criminal allegations of tax fraud. Recently reports have come out claiming that the FBI has gathered enough evidence to charge him with tax fraud along with lying on a gun-purchase form. Biden also went on to talk about Hunters past problems with drugs:

“This is a kid who got, not a kid — he’s a grown man. He got hooked on — like many families have had happen, hooked on drugs. He’s overcome that. He’s established a new life.”

House Republicans have promised to make investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings a priority if they win a majority in November. Multiple reports and allegations have been made that Hunter used his father’s position as vice president to broker fraudulent business deals in China and Ukraine.

But former press secretary, Jen Psaki, doesn’t seem to believe voters care about the allegations against the president’s son. In an appearance on “Meet the Press” Psaki said:

“The truth is, as much as there was so much news happening in Washington this week, it doesn’t always translate and often doesn’t translate to what voters are talking about in states, and I think that’s what we’re seeing currently.”

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